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1 on 1 meetings in HK  / Online

- Counseling : personal challenge, career, relationship


- Breathwork & Mindfulness training

- Therapeutic Breathwork

- Self discovery program

  to be set up individualy


Breathwork & Mindfulness

Corporate training

This workshop offers corporations a time-efficient way to acquire techniques to recover, energize, achieve peak performances and successfully deal with stress.

Perfect for staff development or team building, the Breathwork

and Mindfulness Training teaches how to boost your physiology

while balancing your mind and emotions.

 For Employees:

-Reduce stress, anxiety, depression

-Increase energy and decrease fatigue

-Improve memory, focus, and


-Promote better sleeping habits  

-Reduce inflammations (back pain,

 digestive problems, etc)

-Strengthen endocrine and immune


-Enhance endurance and performance

 For Businesses:

-Increase productivity

-Increase effective communication

-Increase creativity 

-Strengthen leadership

-Decrease health care premiums

-Reduce employee absenteeism

-Augment job satisfaction

-Bolster employee retention

  Holotropic Breathwork or Transcendental Breathwork
These sessions are an approach to self-exploration that integrates the latest insights from modern consciousness research with transpersonal psychology and mystical traditions from around the world. It combines breathing practices and evocative music in a safe setting, allowing individuals to access states of consciousness that activate the natural healing potential of the psyche.
With this "inner healer" guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person for that particular time and place.
It can bring about transformation at all levels of self.
Other elements of the practice include experience recollection, group processing, and integration.
An information packet explaining how to prepare and what to bring will be
sent to all registrants prior to the event.
All registrants will also be required to complete and return a medical form
prior to the event.

* Please see the list of contraindications below before registering.
Breathwork is a safe practice but is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or anyone with recent surgeries, fractures, spinal injuries, or if you have osteoporosis. It is not advisable for persons with glaucoma or untreated high blood pressure.
Persons with severe mental illness taking psychiatric medications should contact the facilitator before attending an event. 
Persons with acute infectious or communicable conditions are asked to avoid the class
at this time. Persons with asthma must bring their inhaler.
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