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Pleased to meet you.

My name is Thomas Amiard

I have been exploring, consciousness, sound, creative processes, breathwork psychology and healing

for the last 25 years.

My journey into personal development started in 1991 when i met a traditional healer in the Sierra Mazateca in Mexico. The teaching i received completely changed my life and triggered a profound interest in consciousness and personal evolution.


After years of personal process and research in the field, i moved to South America with my family,

where i learned more about traditional practices but also knew about modern breathwork modalities

and their nearly infinite potential.

After an incredible first session of holotropic breathwork where I unlocked a lifelong subconscious blockage, I decided to enter a 3 years certification process in breathwork and psychology with Javier Charmes and Stan Grof the co-creator of Transpersonal Psychology with Abraham Maslow and creator of Holotropic Breathwork.

In 2016, we moved to Hong Kong where i worked as a counselor/psychotherapist in a medical practice in Central from 2017 to 2019 while giving some talks and starting my Breathwork & Self Discovery company:

Through traditional and modern practices, proceeding from a Holistic perspective, i will facilitate your journey to a better self-understanding, empowerment, emotional balance, harmonious social interactions as well as direct access to intuition, creativity, and transcendental experiences.

A holistic approach considers the person as a whole made of different parts working together.

These parts are:

   1    Our physical body: the vehicle that must be cared for to preserve its functionality and avoid disease.
   2    Our energy: the vitality we enjoy, its level directly related to our health and well-being.
   3    Our emotions: the weather of our inner life in which we ought to keep a balance.
   4    Our mental world: our thoughts and language that make who we are and how we interact with the world.
   5    Our spiritual realm: where we become aware of who we really are, our higher aspirations,

          and our goals in life.

As a transpersonal therapist, i believe that re-unifying supposedly opposite fields,

like science and spirituality, tradition and modernity, Eastern and Western philosophies,

can lead to a more conscious, sustainable, and enjoyable world.

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