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Transcendental Breathwork


Samedi 13 Avril



Transcendental Breathwork
Facilitated by Thomas Amiard

Transcendental Breathwork is a technique of personal development and therapy from transpersonal psychology .

This practice combines traditional techniques and the latest developments in modern psychology
It allows access to non-ordinary or extended states of consciousness in order

to reach parts of the psyche that are usually difficult to access, such as:

- The subconscious where childhood experiences, emotional and psychosomatic blockages, limiting beliefs are stored

-The super conscious, seat of creativity, intuition, transcendental and spiritual experiences.

The extended state of consciousness we are accessing, allows us to unblock the unconscious material and to integrate it consciously, durably, in the best way.

It also frees up access to the superconscious, opening the door to extraordinary transpersonal/transcendental experiences.

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@Uman Project-Paris

Transcendental Breathwork


Hong Kong
Transcendental Breathwork by thomas_  co

Pause studio & Silvermine beach
                                (8 participants-6h)

Transcendental/Breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from various practices including psychology, music therapy, anthropology and Eastern spiritual practices.

Anyone seeking healing for past problems, emotional or psychosomatic blockages may benefit from the practice, as well as those seeking insight, guidance or access to intuition and creativity...


Mystic Breathwork Sunset
Repulse Bay-Sea view

Mystic Breathwork is a unique blend of traditional practices leading to a meditative/expanded state of consciousness and physical well-being.

Originally from the Suffi tradition, this group practice is based on a synchronized combination of :


- Hypnotic Music guidance
- Breathwork
- Swaying
- Humming
- Visualisation


Not scheduled

- Next sessions in HK : Spring 2024 -

Paris-Hong Kong

Private/Home Workshops

Breathworks &Meditations

-Meditation skills
-Breathwork skills
-Performance Breathwork

-Mindful Breathwork
-Breathwork Journey
-Tao Chi Breathwork
-Mystic Breathwork

Details :

All sessions are also available one-on-one at the studio, or online.

Host any 1h session as a private group with your family, friends or colleague. 2000Hkd/200€  for a group up to 8 people
Transcendental Breathwork @Home

Set up your private workshop
in the confort of your Home



-A place you can play 2h music.

-A mat/bed/sofa to lay down comfortably

-Comfortable clothes

-A bottle of water easy to drink when laying down (sport type )

-A cushion/pillow, and blanket (You may experience hot or cold with no objective reasons, the more comfortable the better) 

-no food 2h before the introduction 



-1h Theoretical & Practical Introduction (first time only)

-2h Session

-1h Recollection & Integration

PRIVATE TRANSCENDENTAL BREATHWORK PRICE - HONG KONG - 1 participant   3500 HK$ 2 participants  2200HK$/pers 3 participants  1500HK$/pers 4 to 7 ppants 1200HK$/pers 8 to 9 ppants   990HK$/pers - PARIS - Transcendental Breathwork Session privee 1 participant  350€ 2 participants 220€/Pers 3 participants 150€/Pers 4 participants 125€/Pers 5 participants 110€/Pers 6 a 8 participants 95€/pers

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For trademark reason, we are more often  proposing Transcendental Breathwork
HB FACEBOOK2019@ copie.jpg
For trademark reason, we are more often  proposing Transcendental Breathwork

Not scheduled

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