Breathwork & Mindfulness

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 Personal & Corporate


The Breathwork and Mindfulness Training is a fantastic tool for personal growth and a natural cure for stress.

This workshop offers individuals and groups a time-efficient way to acquire techniques to recover, energize, reach your best potential and successfully deal with stress.

Perfect for individuals, staff development or team building,

the Breathwork and Mindfulness Training teaches how to boost your physiology while balancing your mind and emotions.

Breathwork & Mindfulness benefits have been used for centuries and have recently been rediscovered by science.

These techniques are simple to learn and easy to incorporate in everyday life to achieve maximum results.


Thomas Amiard

Thomas Amiard is a French psychotherapist, breathwork and personal development facilitator, speaker sound engineer and artist.
He has been trained and certified by Javier Charme and Stan Grof

the co-creator of transpersonal psychology and creator of

Holotropic Breathwork.
Thomas has worked in Europe, South America and Asia.


Sessions & Trainings

This theoretical and experiential class

teach participants the best skills to :   

-Recover and energize

- deal with stress and anxiety

-Improve memory, focus, and concentration

- Improve sleep

 -Boost physiology 

   (muscular, endocrine, digestive and immune   



This advanced Breathwork practice

- Boost physiology 

- Release stored stress and emotions

   accessing the Subconscious Mind

- Promote creativity, insights and                                transcendental experiences accessing               

  the Superconscious Mind


- Counseling

- Breathwork and Mindfulness Training

- Therapeutic Breathwork

- Self-discovery program

1 on 1
Corporate class
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