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We can't solve a problem with the same state of mind that created it

Mindful Breathwork

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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is every time you consciously modulate your breath in order to achieve the desired effect.

There are many different Breathwork practices, some originating from ancient traditions around the world, others reshaped through the lens of the many scientific studies in the field.

Breathwork techniques are tools we can use to achieve results at every level

Indeed the breath is the only system you can modulate at will and it gives access to all the other systems !

It's an extraordinary tool with nearly infinite possibilities.

Through these practices we can access our physiology reaching our cardiovascular, muscular, digestive, endocrine, and Immune systems, enhancing physical and mental performances.

We can access our psychology using specific techniques to reach the subconscious mind and unlock stored stress and emotions, clearing past wounds.

We can reach the superconscious mind, accessing insights creativity and transcendental experiences.

Breathwork can also be used as an adaptive tool so we can focus, relax, energize or balance at will.


Some of the many benefits of breathwork:


- Mood elevation

- blood PH alkalization

- anti-inflammation

- balanced blood pressure

- more deep sleep time

- insomnia therapy

- Trauma and PTSD relief

- depression and anxiety therapy

- stronger respiratory system

- better immunity

- improved mental focus

- decreased addictive behaviors

- better life outlook


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Reconnect with your mind and body.

Breathwork & Mindfulness benefits are known for centuries and are precious resources today.

These techniques are simple to learn and easy to incorporate in everyday life to achieve maximum results.

"Blown away. I walked into my session not having any idea what holotropic breathing was. It ended up being a beautiful experience I'll remember forever. I walked out with more mental clarity and at peace with the past. I would highly recommend a session with Thomas."

- Joannah

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