Breathwork Skills

1 Hour

It is acknowledged for milliners that mastering the breath is mastering life force.
Masters from various traditions are teaching techniques to control and adapt the breath in order to achieve beneficial results at every level.
Breathwork has recently been rediscovered and studied by science leading to its rebirthing and popularity.

In the breathwork skills class, you will learn how to use your breath
according to your needs and the situation so you can :

-Relax and get rid of stress and anxiety in any situation
-Balance your mind and body on a regular basis.
-Improve your sleep
-Energize, improve focus, and attention.

Advanced Breathwork (Performance)

1 Hour

Great for physical and mental performance optimization, this class teaches a powerful breathing technique to achieve the optimal state of being.

It’s the perfect technique to get rid of stress, recover, re-energize and boost performances

at every level.

The practice of Performance Breathwork :

- Maximises your energy level (increase cellular ATP level)

- Improves the body’s alkalinity, oxygen utilization, digestion, and reduces inflammation.

- Boosts your endocrine system, producing more useful hormones/neurotransmitters.

- Boosts your immune system.

- increases awareness and promotes a deep meditative state with no efforts

proceeding from the changes triggered in your physiology.

This technique can be used every day as a morning routine, as a " kick-starter " to enhance your day and progressively increase performances.

Holotropic & Transcendental Breathwork 

Meditation Skills

1 Hour

In this class, you will learn the 3 main types of meditation
-One point focus attention meditation (Buddhist breath meditation)
-Free monitoring meditation (Mindfulness)
-Mantra meditation (Transcendental meditation)
We will start  with an introduction explaining the different types and the science behind meditation,
then we will practice together so you can experiment and choose what fits best for you.


3-4 Hour
Transcendental Breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from various practices including psychology, music therapy, anthropology and Eastern spiritual practices. Anyone seeking healing for past problems or psychosomatic blockage may benefit from the practice, as well as those seeking insight, guidance or access to intuition and creativity.

Transcendental Breathwork combines accelerated breathing with a specially designed musical journey, in order to access insight and healing in non-ordinary states of consciousness. With the eyes closed and comfortably lying on a mat under a specialist supervision, each person uses their own breathing supported by the musical mix to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. The experience is entirely internal and largely non-verbal, without interventions.

Entering a non-ordinary state of consciousness, in this context, activates the natural inner healing process, generating experiences unique to each person for that particular time and place. Breathers often experience recurring themes, but no two breathwork sessions are ever the same.

Each Transcendental Breathwork session is followed by a two steps integration process getting the best out of the experience